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AeroGym is our recreational and entry-level program for participants aged 5 to 10. This program offers a mix of Aerobic Gymnastics and ‘traditional gymnastics’, such as bar, beam & floor. Your child will learn how to safely perform all the skills they keep asking you about, like cartwheels, forward rolls and more! Additionally, they will learn an entry-level Aerobic Gymnastics routine that can be performed (optionally) at three competitions/events throughout the year. Twice per year, we hold showcases during class time where participants can show off their new skills to family & friends.

MGS prides itself on being a small club, with small class sizes (a maximum of 6 participants). We get to know each child, the way they best develop skills and their individual strengths & areas for growth. The MGS gym is a calm environment, where children feel safe and supported. We welcome participants with additional needs, such as ADHD & ASD, and find these children thrive in the MGS environment.

Our program is curated and supervised by a fully qualified teacher, and delivered by experienced gymnastics coaches who are passionate about gymnastics and genuinely enjoy working with children.

The AeroGym program operates as a three-tier pathway, starting at Blue. As your child moves through the levels, they will develop skills and gain confidence with physical activity. Once your child has mastered all the required skills for a level, they will be invited to progress to the next level. If your child has some prior gymnastics experience, please contact us to discuss the most suitable entry level.


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